IDLapX Insim Updated to V2.0.01

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IDLapX Insim Updated to V2.0.01 Empty IDLapX Insim Updated to V2.0.01

Post by DanTaco on Tue Feb 23, 2016 10:18 pm


[New] Swearword protection on/off
[New] Chatflood protection on/off
[Changed] Add "OFF" function to crashprotection


[New] LFSLapper Library Changed: Add OCO(StartLight Control)Packet
[New] LFSLapper Library Changed: Add OBH (Object Hit)Packet
[New] LFSLapper Library Changed: Add CON (CarContact)Packet
[New] LFSLapper Library Changed: Add UCO (Insim Checker/Checkpoint )Packet
[Changed] Logfiles:Kicked by Flooding/Swearing is added to logfiles
[Changed] Cars are set by admin will be loaded immediately+warning message is now visible in chatlog
[Changed] LFSLapper Insimversion changed to version 7


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