IDLapX Insim Updated to V1.5.02

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IDLapX Insim Updated to V1.5.02 Empty IDLapX Insim Updated to V1.5.02

Post by DanTaco on Mon Jan 18, 2016 7:08 pm

Today the insimversion of our servers has been updated to version 1.5.02.

it contains several fixes:

[Fixed] DriftMode: Changing score of  'gooddriftscore' had no effect Done
[Fixed] UserList: Totalkicks/Todaykicks were not stored properly Done Kicks done by admin!! Serverkicks will not be stored

[Fixed] Total DriftPoints not shown in chatlog after finishing a lap Done Adminmust set /hours=24 or !hours 24 . Points cant be showed in Practisemode (needs to be further investigated)

[Fixed] LicenseList command didnt work (!lcl) Done

[Changed] New Dragsystem ( Code rewrite) Done Can only be used on NON-openconfig tracks

[Fixed] Archievements + Notifications: UsersResets not stored Done

IDLapX Insim Updated to V1.5.02 Dragsy10


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