IDLapX Insim Updated to V1.5.06

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IDLapX Insim Updated to V1.5.06

Post by DanTaco on Fri Feb 05, 2016 4:02 pm

Driftsystem: (Lapper sourcecode editing)

[New] bonussystem (can be turned off in adminpanel).
When bonussystem is enabled then user receive the bonusses : Drift X2/X3/X4. (DONE)
[Fixed] No driftpoints after reset driftscore(to low speed/new lap/pit). (DONE)
[Removed] Current driftmeters (new driftmeters in the future) (DONE)

[New] Driftbonus ON/OFF (DONE)

[Removed] MySettings: Option to change driftmeter (DONE)

[Add] Another acceleration progress (example: 100km/h to 160km/h) (Lapper sourcecode editing) (DONE)


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